Actionable Steps Towards Becoming a Better Ally

This interactive guide will help you develop a customized plan that aligns with your goals.

What You Will Learn

This 22 page interactive guide has all the steps for you to create a comprehensive plan.
Divided into six sections, each pillar will help you develop a solid action plan to help you through your allyship journey.

define Ally

You will be able to understand the definition of an ally and why it's important

Understand Roles

You will begin to understand the different roles allies can leverage to support others

Select Goals

You will be able to select goals that align with your personal journey

Pause + Reflect

You will learn how to properly reflect on your selections to ensure authenticity

Create Action Plan

You will receive tools to create a thorough action plan towards your goals

Continue the Journey

You will receive resources to continue your journey into becoming a better ally

Designed For All Levels

An Action Plan For Everyone​

By the end of this guide, you will be able to understand the definition of an ally and the different roles allies can leverage to support others. You will then select goals aligning with your journey, reflect on the selection to ensure authenticity, and create an action plan.

Engaging Content

Our guide was developed to engage you in a reflective and thought-provoking exercise. Filled with images and reflective questions, each page a new step into your allyship journey.

Interactive Workbook

This guide comes in the form of an interactive workbook. With easy to understand instructions you will complete a number of exercises, activities and discussions, with the ability to save and add more as you go.

Tools and Resources

This guide also includes, reference, links and tools to help you in continuing your journey to becoming an authentic and effective ally.
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“Glad I downloaded this guide!”
This was simple and helpful. It helped me understand what I could do to support others. I could see this course being great for a work place, if you were able to offer a guided workshop, this would be a great opportunity for staff.
“I see myself referring to this guide on a regular basis”
I know I want to be an ally, but I have always wondered if there were simple steps that I could action. This guide gave me the ability to define my plan. Thank you for sharing this!

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